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NanoPops ? ?? ? was founded when a couple ? lovers thought it would be fun to create an old school product with cutting edge nano technology. The result is a blast from the past – a product to be shared with old buddies and any other loved ones ? to relieve the nostalgic tastes of our childhoods – but with an adult ?twist! We use the most advanced nano-tech available to decrease the onset time dramatically- so you’ll to know quickly whether you’re ?, ready for another second round, or if its time to ?.

As long-time cannabis users ourselves, we have witnessed too many cases of accidental over-consumption of edibles, often making experienced cannabis users wary of edibles. With the end of prohibition, we want to ensure that people trying edibles for the first time have an overwhelmingly positive first experience. We use the most advanced nano-tech available to decrease the onset time dramatically- so you’ll to know quickly whether you’re buzzing, ready for another second round, or if its time to chill. Experienced cannaisseurs often complain about the distinctly unpleasant bitter taste in many water based edibles, so after countless rounds of trial and error we finally perfected a recipe to make sure NanoPops as delightfully sweet as popsicles you know and love, without any “chemically” taste

A primer on how we turn weed into into popsicles:

For those of you interested in the details — Nano Pops are made using only the highest quality cannabis oil, organic cane sugar, and natural flavorings. The water we use starts its 250 mile journey from the Rocky Mountains to our state of the art popsicle laboratory, where it purified one drop at a time with a five-stage reverse osmosis filter. We use USDA certified organic cane sugar and all natural flavorings. Unfortunately the only way to guarantee that we use the best cannabis oil is making it ourselves – a time consuming labor of love.

The mission of leaving our environment a better place for the generations to come means that we only source from old-school growers who we trust to grow cannabis responsibly, without resorting to harmful pesticides or leaving an unsustainable carbon footprint. To control quality, we wash the cannabis in small batches with food-grade cryogenic ethanol (aka super chilled Everclear) to extract high purity oil while leaving behind plant waxes, sugars, and other non-active compounds in the plant. Like cold brewing coffee versus a traditional hot pour-over – it takes much longer to extract cannabis cold. If you’ve ever watched paint dry, you can imagine how long it takes to evaporate gallons of alcohol to retrieve the few grams of oil dissolved in it. Most people would stop there, but we go one step further and using cutting-edge molecular distillation machine , separate the delta 9 cannabis molecule literally one molecule at a time from the oil until we have a beautiful pale yellow oil (known in the market as “distillate”) that often exceeds 95% purity. On average about an eighth of cannabis is needed to make the purified THC infused into each box of NanoPops.

Finally, to achieve the incredible feat of mixing cannabis oil with water we infuse Nano Pops with a proprietary nano-emulsification technology. This innovative technology is an essential component to creating a tasty, fast acting product that produces reliable pharmacodynamic dosing. The process create nano-sized particles; this highly diminished particle size allows the THC to easily pass through membrane walls to enter the body more efficiently.

After seeing countless adulterated products in the Prop 215 medical era, our mission is to make NanoPops with extra care so that we could proudly share a classic treat made with only the best ingredients to share with friends, family, and other loved ones — especially those trusting us to guide their first time experience with cannabis edibles. We hope you enjoy responsibly and also share the love. Our internal clinical show strong evidence (p≤0.05) that NanoPops taste about twice as good when enjoyed in the company of old buddies, and exponentially enhanced when shared with loved ones. We encourage you to do your own research to confirm our findings!