Soar into that summer feeling with these frosty delights!

nano pops nanopops are sweetened with cane sugar, flavored with natural ingredients, and cannabis-infused with cutting edge nano-emulsion technology.

Each popsicle is dosed precisely with 10mg of fast-acting THC so it’s never been easier to chill out responsibly and share good times with great company.  nano pops nanopops are an essential ingredient for any summer event, weekend BBQ, or simply kicking back. 

Classic flavors you know and love

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Remember the good ol days, chasing down the ice cream truck with a fistful of coins to trade for your favorite color freeze pop? While those days are long gone, you can still relive the flavors of those carefree days today. 

For adults only –  nano pops nanopops are thoughtfully crafted with natural flavors and infused with the perfect amount of cannabis to remind you of it feels like to be a kid again.

#Lemonade – the old time remedy for summer heat.

#Strawberry. You know you want it.

Discerning connoisseurs know #blue technically isn’t a flavor.

Poppin cherries has never been so chill. Best served cold with Netflix.


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Putting the Nano in the Pop

We infuse Nano Pops with a proprietary nano-emulsification technology to achieve the incredible feat of mixing cannabis oil with water. This technology enables us to infuse Nano Pops with water-soluble cannabinoids to create a tasty, fast acting product that produces reliable pharmacodynamic dosing. Our emulsification process create nano-sized particles; this highly diminished particle size allows the THC to easily pass through membrane walls to enter the body more efficiently.

Most edibles are infused using fat-soluble compounds, which means the absorption of THC does not occur until digestion. With Nano Pops, THC absorption begins almost immediately  — as soon as you begin eating a Nano Pop, the water-soluble THC infused into Nano Pops allows the THC to begin sublingual and oromucosal absorption through the mouth tissue.

The Green Spectrum Difference

Green Spectrum Trading is proudly locally owned and operated by a team of California natives with a passion for cannabis, and a shared vision of leveraging our 40+ years of experience in medical marijuana to create cannabis products for recreational consumption which have been long overdue. We have decades of experience producing safe and effective alternative treatment for suffering patients, many of whom had been failed by “big pharma.” Although Nano Pops is intended as a recreational product, we still proudly manufacture to the same rigorous standards as if they were meant for cancer patients. To this day, promoting wellness remains a core part of our philosopy– NanoPops are thoughtfully crafted with this principle in mind so that we can promise our customers that Green Spectrum Trading will never compromise quality for the sake of profit.

We start with cannabis grown organically by expert cultivators, and test all raw plant material for the presence of dangerous pesticides, mycotoxins, and heavy metals. Only cannabis that passes these exacting requirements is selected for extraction and purification at our state of the art laboratory. To guarantee the quality and consistency of every batch, all cannabis oil infused into Nano Pops is manufactured in-house. In addition to our stringent quality control processes, every batch of Nano Pops is then tested by independent state-audited lab to certify the potency and safety of the product. Once approved these frosty delights are then distributed to cannabis retail stores for your enjoyment!